Drywall track

With the quick-build rail from the manufacturer Früh Schnellbautechnik GmbH, your wall or ceiling is covered with profiled timber in no time at all. The intelligent solution for fastening profile boards and saving you around 2/3 of the construction time - compared to traditional fastening with nails or screws.

The application is carried out with the appropriate rotating wooden claws, which are available in various designs in our shop range.

The quick-build rails replace the classic wooden battens as a substructure and are mounted directly on your wall. You can then simply screw the fastening clips for your profile timber into the drywall rail and fasten the profile boards or panels with the same security as the classic profile timber claws.

In addition to the rotating claws, there are also the extremely practical Aer-Clips in our product range. With these revisable clips, certain profile boards can be easily removed again in order to reach any relevant points on your wall or ceiling (cables, connections, etc.)

In order to be able to optimally use the quick-build track for your ceiling, we also recommend the ceiling hangers from Früh Schnellbautechnik. With the right adapter, you can suspend your ceiling with millimeter precision and use the advantages of the quick-build track.